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The Hunting Party (feature film) – 2nd unit director,
October 2006-February 2007

• Directed by Richard Shepard, starring Richard Gere, Terrence Howard, Diane Kruger
• Produced by Mark Johnson and Scott Kroopf, released in the US by The Weinstein Company

as line producer/production manager

ShortCuts (TV show) - Line Producer, March-May 1999
• 9 half-hour episodes for PBS
• Shot in New York on 16mm
• Host: Louis CK, Guests: Ted Demme, Billy Bob Thornton

Times Square Transfer (Short Film) - Line Producer, May-August 1998
• Produced by Vision Entertainment, New York
• Shot in New York City subways, budget $250.000

TransAtlantic (feature film) - Line Producer, August-November 1997
• Produced by Jadran Film, Zagreb, budget $2 million
• Shot in Pittsburgh, Niagara Falls, New York City

West Side Story (music video) - Line Producer, May-June 1997
• Produced by N2K, New York; budget $40.000
• Shot in New York

Peppermint (commercial) - Line Producer, March 1997
• Shot in New York, budget $25.000

Shampoo Horns (feature film) - Production Manager,
January-April 1996

• Produced by Esicma Productions, Madrid (Spanish-US co-production)
• Shot in New York City, budget $500.000

Minotaur (feature film) - Production Manager
September-December 1995
• Produced by Top Line Communications (Israely-US co-production)
• Starring: George Corraface, Mili Avital
• Shot in New York and Israel; budget $1.5 million

The Find (feature film) - Production Manager, May-July 1995
• Shot in New York City, budget $250.000
• Starring: David Patrick Kelly, Frank Whaley


as casting director

The Last Story of the Century (feature film) - Casting Director,
January-April 2000

• Produced by Zepter International, budget est. $6 million
• Prepped in the Czech Republic and Macedonia


as assistant director

Doctor Crazy (feature film) - First Assistant Director
January- March 2003

• Produced by Alka Film, Zagreb
• Shot in Croatia, in Cinemascope, budget $500,000

The Sunken Graveyard (feature film) - First Assistant Director
October-December 2001
• Produced by Interfilm & Croatian TV, Zagreb
• Shot in Croatia, budget $1.5 million

Slow Surrender (feature film) - First Assistant Director
September- November 2000

• Produced by Gama Studio & Croatian TV, Zagreb
• Shot in Croatia, budget $1.5 million

Is It Clear, My Friend? (feature film) - First Assistant Director
August-December 1999

• produced by DA Film and Croatia Film, Zagreb, budget $1 million
• Prepped and shot in Croatia
• Awarded the Silver Award at the Houston Film Festival in 2001

Boricua's Bond (feature film) - First Assistant Director
May-June 1998

• Produced by October Films; distributed by USA Films
• Shot in the Bronx, in Cinemascope, budget $500,000

Kull the Conqueror (feature film) - Second Assistant Director
June - December 1996

• Produced by Universal/De Laurentiis, budget $35 million
• Starring: Kevin Sorbo, Tia Carrere
• Prepped and shot is Slovakia; distributed by Universal Studios

King and Me (feature film) - First Assistant Director
March-April 1995

• Shot in New York City on Super 16mm, budget $150.000

Round 'n' Round (feature film) - First Assistant Director
October- November 1994

• Shot in New York City on Super 16mm, budget $150.000

Run for Cover (feature film) - First Assistant Director
June-July 1994

• Shot in New York City in 3D: budget $250.000
• Starring Adam West, Ed Koch

Mirta Learns Statistics (short film) - First Assistant Director
April-May 1991

• Produced by Croatian TV and Academy of Dramatic Arts, 16mm
• Awarded the Grand Prix for the best short, Croatian Film Festival (1992)

Virgina (feature film) – Second Assistant Director (incl. casting)
May - September 1990

• Produced by Constellation Films, Paris/Maestro Film, Zagreb
• Shot in Croatia; budget $3 million
• Awarded the Felix in 1991 for the best performance by an actress in a supporting role and the Grand Prix at the Valencia Film Festival 1992

Charuga (feature film) - Second Assistant Director
January-April 1990

• Produced by Viba Film, Ljubljana/Maestro Film, Zagreb
• Shot in Croatia, budget $2 million
• Awarded the Best Director at the San Francisco Int'l Film Festival

The Remembrance of Summer (feature film) - Second Assistant Director May-August 1989
• Produced by Zagreb Film, Zagreb, budget $1.5 million
• Shot in Croatia

Play-Photo (short film) - Assistant Director, November 1988
• Produced by Zagreb Film, Zagreb, budget $1.5 million
• Shot in Croatia

That Summer of White Roses (feature film) - Second Assistant Director May - September 1988
• Produced by AMI International, London/Jadran Film, Zagreb
• Starring: Rod Steiger, Tom Conti
• Shot in Croatia, budget $4 million
• Awarded the Grand Prix and the Best Director at the Tokyo Film Festival, 1989



2002-2005 (part-time), 2006 – present (full-time)
• Associate professor in film production at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, Croatia

• Teacher of film and video and the head of the Video Dept. at the School of Multimedia Arts, University of Applied Sciences and Technology, Salzburg, Austria (2-year tenure)

• Teaching “Directing Actors on Film” course at the Susan Grace Cohen Studio, New York City

• Guest lecturer in film production, Imaginary Academy, Croatia

• Directing & production instructor at New York Film Academy; taught basic and advanced courses



MFA (Master of Fine Arts Degree)
• Tisch School of the Arts, New York University
     Major: Film; from 1991 to 1994 (with honors)
• Awarded as the best student

BA (Bachelor of Arts Degree)
• Academy of Dramatic Arts University of Zagreb, Croatia
     Major: Film & TV Directing, from 1985 to 1990 (with honors)
• Awarded as the best student
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