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Halima's Path - 2012
• 93-min feature film, Super 16mm, Dolby Surround
• Shot in Croatia, in coproduction with Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
• Winner of the Audience Award at the 59th Pula Film Festival in Croatia with the record-breaking vote
• Croatian candidate for the 86th Academy Awards

No One’s Son - 2008

• 100-min feature film, Super 35mm, Dolby Surround
• Shot in Croatia, starring Alen Liveric, Mustafa Nadarevic
• Winner of 6 Gold Arenas and the Critics Award "Oktavijan" at the 55th Pula Film Festival in Croatia
• Croatian candidate for the 81st Annual Academy Awards
• Included in the official Selection 2009 by the European Film Academy as one of the best European films in 2009

A Wonderful Night In Split - 2004
• 100-min, 35mm, feature film
• Shot in Croatia, starring Coolio
• Until September 2011 it received 24 various awards and acknowledgements
• It participated in and out of competition at about 40 film festivals
• Nominated for the Discovery-Fassbinder Award by the European Film Academy in 2004
• Croatian candidate for the 78th Academy Awards

Life Drawing - 2001
• 15-min, 35mm, short fiction film
• Shot in New York City
• Until July 2003 it participated in competition selections at 10 international film festivals
• Awarded at festivals in New York, Las Vegas and Sulzbach-Rosenberg

The Bird Lover - 1993
• 14-min., 16mm short fiction film, shot in New York City
• Awarded at the film festival in Hamburg
• From 1993 to 1995 it participated in competition selections at 15 international film festivals around the world; sold to several TV stations including Canal Plus in France; aired on PBS

Shadow of a Cross - 1989
• Croatian TV production, video project, 25 minutes

Decorations - 1988
• 20 minutes documentary, 35mm
• Awarded at the festival in Belgrade in 1991 (see below)
• Participated at 3 other international film festivals, aired on TV

The Day the Socks Dried - 1987
• 12 minutes, 16mm short film
• Participated at the International Student Film Festival, Munich

The Lute - 1987
• 12 minutes, 16mm documentary
• Shown on Croatian TV

The Chase - 1987
• 5 minutes, 16mm short fiction film

The Trip - 1986
• 10 minutes, 16mm short fiction film

Zoran - 1986
• 11 minutes, 16mm short film

The Stone Mason - 1979
• 5 minutes documentary, shot on Super 8
• Shown on TV in prime time, participated at junior film festivals
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