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Halima's Path

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"I will go as far as to say that Ostojic has created a masterpiece; telling the story of a grieving mother in a most perfect way, in a way, that will not leave its reviewers indifferent to the story of Halima."
(Ulkar Alakbarova, MoviesMovesMe.com)

"Halima’s Path is a very touching, human story, with an emotional level that very few films, especially Hollywood films, are able to reach; films you simply cannot watch without tears and a feeling of compassion. "
(Ulkar Alakbarova, MoviesMovesMe.com)

"The performance that is delivered by Alma Prica, as Halima, is truly astounding and contributes greatly to the sadness of the story. The performances of Olga Pakalovic, as Safija, and Mijo Jurisic, as Slavomir, are as amazing as the rest of the cast."
(Ulkar Alakbarova, MoviesMovesMe.com)

“The big discovery … was a film from Croatia entitled "Halima's Path", a minor key masterpiece that deals with post war trauma after the Bosnian civil war…”
(Alex Deleon, FilmFestivals.com)

“What makes this film so special apart from the gripping subject matter, is the overall esthetic conception, the brilliant cinematography, the authenticity of the settings (Satyajit Ray would have loved it) -- the absolute world class acting, and the direction, which, as one viewer remarked in the post screening Q and A, "puts Hollywood to shame".
(Alex Deleon, FilmFestivals.com)

“The direction is so skillful that the viewer is simply swept up and drawn along in one perfectly constructed scene after another to the shocking conclusion and a deftly touching cemetery coda”.
(Alex Deleon, FilmFestivals.com)

“Every character is perfectly drawn and portrayed by an amazing ensemble cast… "Halima's Path" is a stunner and jaw dropper…”
(Alex Deleon, FilmFestivals.com)

“Wherever it has been shown so far audiences have been wowed.”
(Alex Deleon, FilmFestivals.com)

"Powerful and moving, the film has been picking up awards at festivals worldwide..."
(Nick Holdsworth, The Hollywood Reporter)

Ostojic is more than familiar with the region and its subtleties, their predicaments and family dynamics and that very insight is what makes “Halima’s Path” an unforgettably moving and important picture.
(Carlos Aguilar, Indiewire)

“Ostojic's latest film "Halima's Path" deservedly merits the epithet of a masterpiece.”
(Aida Vida, Harvard University)

“Another Masterpiece from the Balkans”
“Best Bosnian film so far!”
“Film for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film”
“Brilliant Balkan War Film”
“An Engaging and Moving Story!”
(Headlines for Users Reviews, IMDB)

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