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A Wonderful Night in Split No One's Son


No One's Son

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"Top notch performance that keeps you hanging at the edge of your seat… World class political thriller"
- Mate Curic, "Novi List"

"Excellent directing and effective camera work"
- Tomislav Kurelec, "Vjesnik"

"Conceived and executed like a Greek tragedy, the film gets right in your face from its opening scenes…. it overwhelms with its complex directing and excellent acting "
- Vesna Pazin "Slobodna Dalmacija"

"No One’s Son" is meticulously directed with a high sense of esthetics in each and every shot, resulting in a drama with exceptional atmosphere. Ostojic has tailored the story together using retrograde cuts with barely noticeable stitches. The movie instills turmoil to the audience from the very beginning, while skillfully leading us on to false conclusions, though laying down a very real trail of clues.
- Zoran Zmiric, www.popcorn.hr

"No One’s Son" is a movie that takes the best possible course in depicting post-war reality in the Balkans. The tragic heroes of this story do an excellent job of portraying the absurd of warfare and human blindness in times of vulnerability, when those in power skillfully manipulate human feelings and transforming people from self-aware individuals to emotional, mental and physical cripples.
- Zoran Zmiric, www.popcorn.hr

"This demanding drama has been impressively transferred to the screen visually, as well as in the aspects of directing and acting."
- Robet Jukic, www.film-mag.net
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