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No One's Son A Wonderful Night in Split


A Wonderful Night in Split

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The best Croatian motion picture in the last five years, according to a survey of 26 Croatian movie critics, which was published in “Hollywood” magazine in January 2005.

"'A Wonderful Night in Split' introduces another talented filmmaker making his feature film debut. Arsen Anton Ostojic graduated from the film department at New York University, directed a handful of awarded shorts and now is (...) a pacesetting filmmaker to watch in New Croatian Cinema."
(Ron Holloway, "Kinema" Canada, December 4, 2004)

"Writer-director Ostojic' is the hero in the end for very appropriate casting (half of them non-actors and all from Split itself) and the adept realization of an adventurous story structure that cuts well, unifies the parts into an intelligible, effective whole, and delivers its message about the wasting effects of drugs on individuals and the fabric of society."
(Jules Brenner, Variagate.com)

"'A Wonderful Night in Split' is, in my opinion, the best domestic movie shot since Croatia became an independent country in the early 90s."
(Marko Njegic, Hollywood, November 2004)

"The author expertly achieves a dramaturgic harmony of time and space, which has rarely been found in the last while, by brilliantly intertwining three separate stories."
(Marijana Jakoljevic, Glas Koncila, October 17, 2004)

"This creation should be watched and remembered. It is art in its highest form, bordering on genius."
(Zvonimir Berkovic, Jutarnji list, Oct.16, 2004)

"Carefully constructed and realized, this film is bursting with creative energy"
(Bosko Picula, "Globus" October 8, 2004)

"Uncompromising treatment of a heavy contemporary subject in the claustrophobic ghetto of Split… with its sincerity and clear dramaturgy and storyline the film has received many accolades"
(Sasha Drach, "Jutarnji list", August 28, 2004)

"This is a true gem of moviemaking, a perfectly orchestrated story concentrated on the fates of a number of protagonists..."
(Nenad Polimac, Globus, July 30, 2004)

"This motion picture seems to be a product made in some other galaxy..."
(Jurica Pavicic, Jutarnji list, July 24, 2004)

"Excellent direction and acting, extremely convincing, with a series of suggestive and occasionally humorous details, not to mention the fascinating black and white photography..."
(Nenad Polimac, Dnevnik, July 23, 2004.)

"Excellent Work by Split Crew."
(Headline in Slobodna Dalmacija July 23, 2004.)

"Ostojic’s movie is superior in all respects – direction, screenplay, concept and technical workmanship. More importantly, this motion picture is also superior in frame of mind."
(Jurica Pavicic, Jutarnji list, July 22, 2004)
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