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    Facebook voting: BEST CROATIAN FILM
Croatian website filmski.net has organized Facebook voting for the best films in 2012 in the following categories: Best Croatian Film, Best Croatian Film Festival, Best Animated Film, Best Art Film and Best Blockbuster. "Halima's Path" has overwhelmingly won in the Best Croatian Film category, with more than 300 likes.
More info: www.filmski.net
"Halima's Path" has just achieved another international success; the film was awarded the Special Jury Prize as part of the strong competition program of the 16th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, held from November 19-27, in the Estonian city of Tallinn. In its explanation of the award, the jury states:
"Halima's Path comforts us with the knowledge that forgiveness has the power to lead us out of even the most impossible and horrific situations."
There were 20 feature films from Europe and Asia in the main EurAsia Competition program.
Photo by: Silver Mikiver
More info: www.poff.ee
"Halima's Path" won two awards at its very first international film festival, the 22nd Cottbus Film Festival of Eastern European Cinema, held from November 6-11. It received the Audience Award, topping over 50 feature film projects shown in several programs, as well as the Jury's Special Mention. In their statement following the award, the jury pointed out:
"The film we chose for Special Mention struck all of us so deeply and emotionally, keeping us captivated from beginning to end! Therefore, this movie is our heartfelt choice."
More info: www.filmfestivalcottbus.de
"Halima's Path" is finally starting its festival run, invited to the official competition programs of three international film festivals taking place in 2012: 22nd Cottbus Film Festival in Germany (November 6 - 11); 16th Black Nights Film Festival in Tallin, Estonia (November 12 - 28); and 35th Cairo International Film Festival in Egypt (November 27 - December 6).
More info:
Following its successful Sarajevo premiere, Halima's Path opened in Zagreb on Tuesday, October 23rd, at the Cinestar Avenue Mall. It was a packed screening with most of the cast and crew present in addition to many friends, colleagues and celebrities. The Evening News of Croatian TV's 1st Channel reported live from the event and other TV stations in Croatia also had extensive news coverage from the premiere. Similar to previous screenings in Pula, Orasje and Sarajevo, this was also an emotion packed evening. Distribution in Croatia begins on October 25th (the photo shows actresses Alma Prica, Olga Pakalovic and Daria Lorenci Flatz together with Arsen).
Halima's Path successfully premiered in Sarajevo on Wednesday, October 17th, at the Cinema City Multiplex. It was an emotional screening, which hit close to the hearts of the residents of Sarajevo and the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Among the guests was the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr. Valentin Inzko. Sarajevo Mayor Alija Behmen gave an inspired introductory speech admiting that the film shook him up immensely the first time he saw it. The cast and crew of the film received a standing ovation from the audience. The distribution in Bosnia and Herzegovina begins on October 18th.
"A Wonderful Night In Split" will be screened on Saturday, the 22nd of September at the 28th Festroia International Film Festival in Portugal. The film is part of a special program of 7 selected feature films representing the best of Croatian cinema. As the organizers stated, "this special program is a natural consequence of more than a decade of showing Croatian films to Portuguese audiences". More info: www.festroia.pt
The film "No One's Son" was awarded two top awards at the 2nd Balkan Film and Food Festival, held in the Albanian city of Pogradec, from the 3rd until the 9th of September. The movie won the Grand Prix and the Jury Award. There were about 50 films in the program, from a dozen countries, including 5 films from Croatia. More info: www.balkan3f.com
"Halima's Path" was exceptionally successful at the 59th Pula Film Festival, the Croatian national film festival, held from the 21st until the 28th of July. The film received the Golden Gate of Pula Audience Award, with the highest vote in the recent history of the festival - 4.86 out of 5, as voted by 5.000 members of the audience. The interesting thing is that the film, although it is a serious drama, managed to beat even the most successful regional comedy of the decade. In addition to the Audience Award, the film got the Young Cinephiles Award, Gold Arena for the Best Supporting Actress, which went to Olga Pakalovic as well as the Special recognition of the Federation of Film Critics of Europe and the Meditearranean (FEDEORA).  More info: www.pulafilmfestival.hr
Arsen's third feature film "Halima's Path" successfully premiered on the 26th of July at the Croatian national film festival - the 59th Pula Film Festival. The audience numbering more than 5.000 people gathered in the spectacular 1st century Roman Amphitheatre welcomed the cast and crew with long, standing ovations. The film provoked many tears and signaled potentially successful festival runs and distribution.
On March 2nd, Arsen began the principal photography of his newest feature film under the working title "Halima's Path". It is a touching story of a good-natured Muslim woman, Halima, who unsuccessfully tries to identify the remains of her son killed in the Bosnian war. She realizes that the only solution to find his bones is to find her long lost niece who now lives in the Serbian part of Bosnia.
  The shoot will last until April 6th.
  The production company is Arkadena Zagreb from Croatia. The project has been funded by the Croatian Audiovisual Center, as well as with funds from the Slovenian Audiovisual Center and the Foundation for Cinema from Bosnia & Herzegovina. Three public TV stations are also participating in the production: Croatian TV, Slovenian TV and the TV of the Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina. The cast includes top actors from Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia.
  The project is shot on film in Croatia, on locations 35 km south of Zagreb, playing the Bosnian countryside.
  The premiere of "Halima's Path" is expected in the Fall of 2012.
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